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ConDB Usage

Most things can be handled through the web interface, with the exception of some rudimentary administrative things. These include setting up users (since this includes both apache authentication pieces and changes in the Login table) and general database management, mailing list exporting and CASS certification management.

1. Creating Users

You will need to create a username and password in your apache authentication module (whatever you are using) and then the relevant username must have an entry in the condb Login table. These entries each have access privileges assigned to them (read, write and admin). Different modules have different layers of security. If you wish to wait to figure out the differences, create a login with all three privileges set to 1.

2. Entry Points

For the web interface, most of the system is cross-linked, once you visit one of the top level entry points. These are:

Anything not in this list is likely linked to from other programs.

3. Extras

Checkout the extras folder, which includes miscellaneous scripts for random tasks, some which may or may not work anymore. These are less stable, but useful.

4. CASS Certification

We use Semaphore Corporation's ZP4 program. There are scripts in the Extras folder to import/export into their ZP4 batch process.

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